Phenix Clash S1 and S2 APK – Latest server Download NOW

If you are a hardcore clasher, you may have heard the name of Plenix Clash which is the most reliable, super fast, and stable private CoC server. This is mainly because other private CoC servers are slow speed and the players have to suffer frequent crashes while playing the game. One of the reasons behind the popularity of this server is its large database that stores maximum data of many players around the world. In simple words, we can say that while playing the game on this server you will have to compete with more players as compared to other servers. Also, like many other private CoC servers Plenix Clash offers a modified version of the game where the players get more power from custom developed things. For example, the availability of custom buildings and heroes changes the overall structure and responsiveness of the game. Following are some of the most highlighted features of this server:

Plenix Clash iOS Download 2019

As earlier said, the developers keep updating the servers to ensure security, speed, and stability. The latest Plenix Clash S1 and Plenix Clash S2 APK files 2019 are available. You can download the APK files either from the official website of the company or download here.
For installation of the APK files on to your devices, you will have to change the security settings of your devices to enable these to accept apps from unknown sources. Here, it is important to mention that there is no need to root your devices to enjoy playing the mod version of the game. For iOS separate iPA files are available to install without any need for the android emulator.


1. Compatible with Multiple Devices

The most attractive feature of this private CoC server is that it is compatible with almost all the devices running on different operating systems. This means that you can play the game on your iOS and Android devices. The mobile support of the server helps the players to play the game on the go. Here, it is pertinent to mention that you do not need to root your devices to install the server and play the modified game. It is also important to mention that you do not need an emulator to install the game on iOS devices. Instead, you have to download Plenix Clash IPA file for iOS devices.

2. Powerful and Stable Servers

The next touted feature of Plenix Clash is the power and stability of the server. It allows the players to play the game without any issues. Moreover, these servers remain online 24/7 and offer uninterrupted support facilities. Also, the latest algorithm used in the servers makes these fast, reliable, and stable. You will never face connection error while playing the game on this server. Depending on the players’ choice, there are three different servers offering CoC app with different modifications. The most important application files are Plenix Clash S1 APK and Plenix Clash S2 APK where the S1 version is the full modified version of the game as compared to S2 which is lighter version.

3. Unlimited Data Storage

Another feature that differentiates Plenix Clash from other private CoC servers is its large database that can store maximum data of players from around the world. This huge storage capacity makes it interesting to play the game because you will find more players. And, it is a fact that the more the clashers; the interesting the game would be. There is no limitation on the number of players playing the game on this server. This feature also enables you to make alliances with more players from different parts of the world.

4. Unlimited Resources

Like all other private CoC servers, Plenix Clash also offers unlimited resources to the players. You will find many custom made buildings, heroes, and troops to defend your own base and destroy the buildings, walls, and forts of your enemies. Here, it is worth mentioning that a fully modified version of the game offers these resources quite freely whereas the lighter version allows the players to buy resources with just one gold or gem. There are also some servers that support quick commands to play the game.

5. Secure and User-Friendly

Last but not least the developers at Plenix Clash are always conscious of bugs and, therefore, keep on updating the APK files regularly. However, these frequent updates have no impact on a user interface of the game which is user-friendly to a great extent. The developers have launched Plenix Clash Client app which makes it easy to download Plenix Clash Private Server APK on your devices. For iOS devices, you will have to download S1 IPA and S2 IPA depending on the choice of the players.


To sum up, we can easily say that Plenix Clash is one of the top private CoC servers offering the mod version of the game. 24/7 support and unique algorithm make it the first choice of the clashers.

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