How to Upgrade heroes quickly in castle clash

castle clash

Heroes are one of the most powerful and versatile parts of the game. They are also one of the most fun parts of the game. Similarly in Castle Clash  Improving and collecting strong heroes is basically the main part of the castle clash since you’ll need them for all sorts of battles in the game. It also allows you to create a strong base, have strong heroes, gaining resources, and defeating enemies.

Having Strong heroes wouldn’t it take a lot of time?

Well usually yes but here are some strategies which you can use to level up or upgrade your heroes as quickly as possible. So keep up okay?

1 Raid enemy with your heroes.

Every time you complete a successful raid, Experience is gained. This EXP is split between all the heroes you put on the battlefield. Use different but effective strategies to ensure a three flame victory in order to gain more EXP at a time. Place your best or your worst heroes on the battlefield, depending upon whether you want to make your best heroes even better, or get your worst heroes started on becoming stronger.

Higher the level of the person you attack, the more EXP you will gain. Bases that you attack are high level considering the expertise and types of defences they have you might end up tasting defeat. Instead, go for bases which are high level but easy for your heroes to damage. This will also make it a sure chance that you will win three flames, and prevent your heroes from dying so that you don’t have to waste gems or time trying to revive them.

2 Gather enough shards

Shards are used to buy essences. Essences are used in feeding to your heroes, allowing their skill levels to get higher. Perform Here Be Monsters and Here Be Demons waves and stages to gain shards. Try to Battle in dungeon stages more to occasionally get shards after every few battles. Try out Storm Mesa rounds with buddies, random players.. Often, shard packs could be rewarded, mostly in Storm Mesa 1 and Storm Mesa 4 rounds. Use shards to buy essences in the hero’s altar.

3、Save up honor badges and gold and Gems

Honor Badges are awarded hourly, depending on the Arena rank and can be earned in the Arena, Raids, Dungeons, fighting against the Boss or be bought at the Shop for  50 Gems once a day. Honor badges can be used to level up your heroes to the max star level that is level 10, which will set your hero’s max level to 200. Raid as much as possible in order to gain gold. Use specified resources in order to level up the star level. Level your hero to the max level, and repeat until you’ve reached the max star level.

Don’t waste gems rolling for talents on ordinary or elite heroes. Likewise, don’t waste gems rolling for talents when you do not have at least 3 legendary heroes. Although Quality is a more preferred aspect, Quantity plays a decent role until you have a decent quantity of hero types, there’s not a good reason to increase their individual quality. If you roll for talent and miss then you have wasted your gems. If you roll for a hero and miss then you still have a chance of getting an elite with a good ability, plus you still have the guarantee of getting a hero that you can consume for skill points.

4 Battle constantly in dungeons

Not only do you need gold and honor badges, but flames are equally important as well. Flames are solely used to increase Heroes Star levels. Flames can be collected in dungeons. If you get a three-star victory, you get three flames. Two stars equals two flames, and one equals only one flame. Simple theory more stars more flames.

5 Level your hero to the max.

Even though you could be less than level 200 to evolve the legendary hero, it is suggested to do so in order to gain maximum strength. Strength is all you want to gain in order to level your heroes to their max level.

Some heroes are meant for specific game modes

Not every hero excel in all the game modes. So here are few heroes who excel in these specific modes. Try to play them with given strategy to level up your heroes fast.  

  • Champion- It is a great hero to get stunt trains off in boss fights with his awesome ability of melee attacks. His Skill Storm Hammer does damage to 3 nearby targets and inflicts Coma for 3 seconds, which can be deadly in the Arena , Boss Fights, and Here Be Monsters.
  • Succubus and Ninja are both better at arena.  You definitely want these on your arena team to get more honor badges.
  • Thunder God is good in both the arena and raiding modes but is very useful in Here Be Monsters mode. He has skills like Thunderstorm, stuns and does DMG to multiple enemies anywhere on the map, provided they are within the skill radius. As his skill level increases, both the number of enemies affected and the skill radius also increases. He’s essential if you have Druid.

Signing off

Playing with given tricks and strategies you can level up your heroes in no time. Follow them parallelly to get the best of the results and soon you will be on the top with max hero level. Do keep in mind to keep a proper combination of heroes having less can also be a problem and at the same time having too many can create chaos. Choose the ones that work for you and try to use them in specific modes for better results. Go get it Clasher.

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